Shoe $tring Projects

Restroom for all

Loud and proud. This work shows how a 7k budget can deliver big and
beautiful on New York's largest parade.

This work picked up an array of industry awards, including 'Best of Show' at
the ANA MULTI CULTURAL AWARDS -- making it Mastercards coming out party 
with its first LGBTQIA+ work in the history of the organization.

Mccann NY, Mastercard Role: Executive Creative Director

My First Purchase

Documentary film

An internal film intended to expose meaningful products to employees inside Mastercard. We repurposed the work to show tech and engineering students that mastercard is more than a transaction company -- And, that they can come to Mastercard and take part in making a meaningful impact on the world. This work posted as a One Show Finalist.


McCann NY. MasterCard
Role: Executive Creative Director / Art Director

Elevator Pitch SXSW

McCann NY. MasterCard
Role: Executive Creative Director